The Company

GPS is an Australasian supplier of internationally sourced pumps. GPS was founded in 2006 and has experienced strong and sustainable growth since its formation.

For years, many technically brilliant pumps, ideal for the Australasian market, have been overlooked by the industry due to outdated distribution methods. These products - though excellent - became too expensive to sell effectively. As a result, cheaper, less reliable and less efficient products flooded into Oceania.

Now, at a time when value for money really matters, GPS has identified a business model that enables us to bring high quality pumps back into the market at a reasonable cost. 

GPS representatives have travelled the world to establish strong relationships with all our manufacturers. This means we have exceptional support for the GPS range of pumps from suppliers through to distributors. All GPS products meet stringent European standards of performance.

The People

GPS is headed by Clive Walmsley

Clive has been working in the pump industry for around 20 years. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the range and value of the pumps GPS supplies.

Clive is supported by a network of distributors and staff, who actively assist in product selection and distribution of the GPS range. The combined experience of these people exceeds hundreds of years, with many individuals having more than 25 years in the pump, irrigation and dairy industries. Their in-depth experience is varied, covering both the practical and technical aspects of these industries.  As a result, we can solve those tricky pump problems were you have had reliability issues.